Time & Attendance

Enwage helps you in effortless Time & Attendance Management, offering precise time tracking, efficient attendance management, streamlined time-off requests, and accurate overtime tracking. 

Time & Attendance

Enwage’s Time & Attendance module is a comprehensive solution for optimizing workforce management. It simplifies the entire process, ensuring pinpoint precision, efficiency, and simplification in the payroll calculation. With real-time time tracking capabilities, you can ensure accurate payroll processing and performance analysis.Automated attendance management reduces errors and maintains reliable attendance records. while the overtime tracking feature calculates and manages overtime hours with precision, ensuring compliance with labor regulations and fair compensation practices.

Attendance Management

Efficiently manage attendance with Enwage’s automated system, reducing errors and ensuring accurate records of employee attendance.

Time-Off Management

Streamline time-off requests and approvals with Enwage’s self-service portal, enhancing transparency and simplifying the leave management process.

Overtime Tracking

Enwage’s Overtime Tracking feature accurately calculates and manages overtime hours, ensuring compliance with labor regulations and fair compensation.

Precise Time Management & Tracking

Enwage's Time Tracking feature empowers you with real-time tracking of employee work hours, helping you effortlessly maintain accurate timesheets, simplify payroll calculations, and make informed decisions based on insightful time-related data.

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