Payroll Management

Enwage’s Payroll Management module offers customized system setups and client-level configurations, streamlining payroll calculations, generating detailed reports, creating dynamic invoices, and ensuring compliance with tax regulations. 

System Setup

Enwage’s System Setup empowers organizations to fine-tune their payroll processes with meticulous precision. Customize your payroll system, configure essential elements like tax settings and payment methods to ensure accuracy and compliance. Define roles and permissions for payroll administrators, guaranteeing secure access control. Establish pay periods, deductions, and benefits effortlessly, creating a tailored payroll environment.With automated tax calculations and the ability to specify payment frequencies, you have complete control over your payroll infrastructure, making it efficient and adaptable to your organization’s unique requirements.

Client Level Configuration

Enwage's Client Level Configuration allows you to personalize payroll settings for individual clients or business units. Manage employee data, tax exemptions, and direct deposit information at the client level, ensuring flexibility and accuracy

Payroll Processing

Automate payroll calculations, reduce errors, and save time with Enwage’s Payroll Processing feature. Generate detailed payroll reports, including pay slips and tax statements, to ensure compliance with tax regulations and wage laws.


Access in-depth payroll reports with Enwage’s Reporting functionality for valuable financial insights. Monitor payroll expenses, tax liabilities, and deductions. Generate year-end reports and summaries for compliance and analysis.

Dynamic Invoices

Create dynamic, customizable invoices based on payroll data with Enwage’s Dynamic Invoices feature. Automatically calculate service charges, taxes, and fees, streamlining billing processes and improving accuracy.

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